Friday, January 25, 2013

2009-07-07 to 2009-07-23 John Muir Trail

On July 7th 2009, I set out solo for what was at the time the biggest adventure of my life.  I had chosen to take a job in Los Angeles instead of San Diego and was set to work the day after my arrival back from the hike.  I met an amazing group of people - Buck, Dan and Ashley and we formed a bonded tribe.  We shared laughter and agony along the trail.  We split up towards the end of the trip because we all had different objectives but we were all somehow reunited at guitar lake on the last day.  This was the hike of a lifetime and set the tone for the next three years of my life.  Placing happiness over money.  Putting nature over technology.  This trip truly shaped me into the contrasted individual that I am today.

The Route:

16 days 
222 Miles 
46,000 feet of elevation gain 
 Plus: Split Mountain (14,058ft) Junction Peak (13,858ft) Mount Muir (14,018ft)

My Food Lists

Preparation and PO boxing food

The Trail
Day 1 Start of the trail
Day 1 Cathedral Peak
Day 2 Lyle Canyon
Day 3 Ashley before Donner Pass
Day 4 campsite at Rosalie lake
Day 5 buck dan Virginia Lake Lunch
Day 5 Virginia Lake Lunch
Day 6 Squaw Lake 
Day 6 Squaw Lake Sunset
Day 7 Lake below the pass
Day 7 Selden Pass
Day 8 Blayney Meadows Hot Springs
Day 8 Entering Kings Canyon
Day 8 San Joaquin river crossing
Day 8 San Joaquin river crossing
Day 9 Jumping Rock
Day 9 sunset at mcclure meadows 
Day 9 sunset at mcclure meadows
Day 10 Ashley hanging out
Day 10 Muir Pass 
Day 10 - View From Muir Pass 
Day 10 Muir Pass
Day 10 - Note from Buck
Day 10 My tent helen lake
Day 10 Ashley watching sunset
Day 11 Farewell at Lower Palisade lakes
Day 11 My tent at Lower Palisade lakes
Day 12 Atop Split Mountain
Day 12 Split Mountain
Day 15 Junction Peak
Day 15 Climbing Junction Peak
Day 15 Atop Junction Peak
Day 15 Forrester Pass

Day 16 Ashley Atop Muir
Day 16 Me Atop Muir

 Summit of Whitney
The tribe and others met along the way
The Tribe
The Tribe

 Completion Happy

Looking back into my old Journal entries, I came across a theme that is sure to be repeated often in my life.

"Life is flying by so quick.  I can’t believe that I finished this adventure and now I am returning back to reality.  I am starting a new life.  I will miss the powerful force of nature.  I will miss the freedom of thought and emptiness of the mind.  But life is lived most fully with contrast.  The tallest mountains and deepest valleys whisper in my ear.  You think that you know us, but you don't.  You know yourself, and we have helped."

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