Friday, February 1, 2013

2010-07-03 to 7-05 Mithril Dihedral and East Buttress

July 3rd: 
 Wake up, eat some Ramen and weigh our packs. 50lbs? Okay, let's go; we pack in to Iceberg Lake. 
 July 4th: 
 7am start; hike to Mount Russel via the Whitney/Russell Col. Spot the route entirely in the shade. Lounge around for a bit and decide to start the route at 11am. Lead through several 5.9 crux moves on clean amazing granite. I'm back to camp just before dark. 
 July 5th: 
 Simul Climb east buttress of Whitney on route 3hr 10 minute. 5.5 hr roudtrip from iceberg lake.
Packing up


 East Buttress of Whitney


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