Friday, February 1, 2013

2010-05-29 to 5-31 Moonlight Buttress

Headed out to Zion to attempt my first multi day big wall.  Our plan was to fix day one and go to the top day 2.  Turned out that Luis had some issues learning to jumar and we had to bail with our ropes fixed on our second day.  I almost called the climb.  But we returned the next day to send it by sunset.  

Day 1: Crossed the virgin river with high flow and fixed 3 pitches of rope 
 Day 2: Ascended the ropes and climbed pitch 4 but had to bail because of a late start 
 Day 3: Wakeup at 5am. Jugged the ropes and began to re-climb pitch 4 at 8am. Topped out on pitch 9 by 8pm

Crossing the Virgin river with 3,000 worth of gear on your back, with heavy current thigh deep was the scariest part!

 Day 1:  Crossing the Virgin

Day 1 Climbing

Day 2 Climbing

Day 3 Climbing


 Friends and tourists watching


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