Saturday, February 2, 2013

2010-09-09 to 2010-09-11 Northwest Face of Half Do

Day 1: 
Approached via the death slabs to the base of the face of Half Dome. Filled up our water at the spring and fixed 3 pitches. 
Day 2: 
Woke up at 3:30am and ascended our fixed lines at 4:30am. There was a party with a hall bag that we started before (not a good idea to haul this route - they didn't make it to the big sandy ledge bivy) and an inexperienced british party (had to teach the follower how to ascend lines correctly - they ended up bailing). I luckily was able to link pitches 4 and 5 with a 70 meter rope and we passed the british party and had the route to ourselves for the rest of the climb. We made it to big sandy ledge at 7pm and set up bivy. 
Day 3: 
Topped out at 4pm, had some lunch, hiked back down by 8pm in time for pizza and beer! Highlight: Linking pitches on a 70 meter rope saved a lot of time. "Thank God Ledge" was amazing and a little scary. Slipping on a 5.8 slab and taking a 15 foot whipper with tattered cords as pro. Miley Cyrus music at Big Sandy. Tara helping me put on chapstick. Time spent with good friends.

At Belinda s house getting together our food in order

Me approaching the base of the climb

Bivy at the base after Tara fixed P1 and Jeremy fixed pitch 2 and 3
Ascending our ropes I started 30 minutes behind a group of guys who were so slow and kept asking me how to jug

Tara jugging up one of the early pitches
Jeremy linking P8 and 9

Me leading Robbins Traverse bolt ladder

Squeeze action

Jeremy rocking the 5 9 chimney He lead and the linked the chimney
Me on Pitch 16 about to hit big sandy
Pesto and Jack Daniels for dinner Don t mind if I do
Jeremy and Tara sharing a sleep pad in a cozy bivy

Me in the morning in my own private bivy spot
Me on thank God ledge
Tara on Thank God Ledge

Me aiding the Zig Zag pitch 18

Tara ascending the final pitch 
Me ascending the final pitch 
Look lower left

The hike down with the falls in the background

Well deserved

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