Saturday, February 2, 2013

2011-07-02 to 07-03 Mount Rainier Gibraltar ledges

Day 1: 
Flew into PDX at 1am July 2nd. Drove up to Rainier and bivied until 5:30am. Drove to Paradise for permits. Left Paradise at 8:30am and set up base camp at Muir. 
Day 2: 
Left camp at 1:40am and cruised the ledges. Entered the final glacier and were greeted by a whiteout, 40-50mph winds and freezing temps. Had difficulty route finding around crevasses in the whiteout. So at about 800 feet from summit, we descended to camp (route finding was a bit of a challenge), packed out and headed home.

1 40 AM departure to the Gibraltar ledges 

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