Saturday, February 2, 2013

2010-08-21 to 2010-08-22 Washington Column The Pro

Our first successful multiday bigwall sleeping on the portaledge! Car to car 37.5 hours

Tara making herself useful
After pondering which route we should lead, we decided to go with the Prow
After a 5 5 hour car ride, we arrived in Yosemite
Ready to rock
Base of the climb
Pitch 1

Pitch 1
Tara following P1
Making my way up the thin dihedral
As I traversed onto the face this was one of a few busted heads
Me on top of P2 looking down on Tara at the belay 

Jeremy aiding the roof on P3

Me leading pitch 4
After bypassing the roof on P4
Me leading pitch 4
Jeremy eying P5
Jeremy Aiding P5
Jeremy on top of P5 after 2nd stepping most of the moves 
Jeremy Jugging P6
Jeremy linking P7 and 8 he had to back clean and free climb a lot
Tara after an AMAZING 80ft pendulum across the rock 
Bagging the poo
bottling the poo

hanging in there getting ready to set up the ledge

All of our gear in organized chaos as we sleep
An early morning view that works better than coffe
It s 8am Wakeup sleepyheads Time to climb

Heads up on pitch 9 An interesting way to start the day - read a trip report of a guy ledge falling on this pitch
Leading pitch 11
Jeremy following P9 It was kinda a dicey lead to start the day
Jeremy following P11 with the haul bag behind him

Jeremy finished P12 and we all ate fruit on top of

Still friends

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