Saturday, February 2, 2013

2010-09-04 to 2010-09-06 South Face Mount Watkins

Day 1: 
Approached the climb and pumped 9 gallons of water (75 lbs). Shuttled loads up the approach slabs to the base of the climb and fixed 3 pitches. 
Day 2: 
Blasted up to pitch 9. Where there were 2 missing bolts. Could not bypass them. Jeremy tried duct taping a talon to the wall, penduluming to an arete to free climb, hooking flakes with a cliffhanger; all to no avail. We bivied on pitch 8. 
Day 3: 
Dumped out our water and bailed the next day.
The route
Pointing out the route and how far we got on the route
The gear
Our sherpa
Pumping 9 gallons of H2O
The approach pitches This was a lot of effort
At the base of the climb sorting gear after shuttle gear
This was kinda sketchy tension traverse on rappel

Some A2 action P5
Tore up my hand a little bit
Jeremy on P9
P9 Jeremy attempting to bypass 2 blown bolts with a talon and duck tape
Our Friends on Sherraton Watkins.  They also bailed
Had to sleep on Sherraton Watkins because could not progress
Bedtime drank some Whiskey and watched the stars
Woke up and poured out 20 liters of water (44lbs)


Time for some pizza and beer with friends met on the climb

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